About the Maker of "Whispers from the West Wing"

Hello fellow Dark Shadows fan! My name is Allison-Marie. Unlike most Dark Shadows fans, I never got to see the show in itís original run in 1966-1971. Iím only 18 so unfortunately I wasnít even around then. Lucky for me I was able to catch Dark Shadows in re runs.

Why I Love Dark Shadows

Itís hard to explain exactly WHY I love the show. The memorable characters, the wild plot lines, the amazingly good (and sometimes amazingly bad) performances all make it a one of a kind show. Despite the flubbed lines, low budget sets, and the nearly constant boom shadows surrounding the actors, I still think it remains one of the most endearing shows ever to grace the small screen. And you know something? I wouldnít try and fix the "flaws" in Dark Shadows for the world. :-)


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